The Title Card: Another shake-up of the “big dude in armor” formula! The sizable fellow attacks the player while crouching on all fours! There’s something weird about him;real people don’t do that, right?

Design Notes: Turning a knight-type boss and making him move like a beast-type boss is an interesting idea. When he enters his second stage, I kept wanting to play toreador and yell “Toro!” as I nimbly dodge out of the way.

Challenge Level: Despite the imposing figure, he’s a cream-puff. If you stick to the rear/crotch area—he’s armored there, too!—it’s a breeze. He changes it up with a charge and a ice breath attack in the second half, but both are pretty well-telegraphed, so they aren’t tough to avoid.

Nitpick: I’m disappointed that he has ice powers and he doesn’t throw out cold-themed puns?:


Very Speculative Lore Notes: He seems to resemble the much quicker Outrider Knight that guards the entrance to the Road of Sacrifices, so he’s just basically a bigger version of this enemy type. Calling them “outriders” seem to signify that they are some advance force sent from the Boreal valley to scout out or assault Lothric...or perhaps they are trying to keep people out of the Boreal Valley? Their weird stance is likely just how they were taught to fight, an advanced techinque that helps them stand out from the rank and file.

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