Title Card: One second, you’re looking at a crown sitting on a pedestal and the next, you’re in some shadow-realm menaced by a giant skeleton king with glowy bracelets. Mondays, amirite?

Design Notes: I suppose the boss being a oversized skeletal royal isn’t all that original. Still, it doesn’t take away how genuinely unnerving it is to suddenly find your character in the dark as this guy advances (although it would be more surprising if the early DS3 trailers hadn’t spoiled it. Of course, any fear really dissipates as the fight actually begins...


Challenge Level: Too easy. It’s possible that you might not realize the brightly-incandescent bracelets—compare these with the much harder-to-spot eggsac targets on C.R. Greatwood, Esq.— are meant to be your targets, but you’ll probably figure it out by accident. It does try some lazy arm swipes and smashes, but you could probably walk away, grab a beer from the fridge, and return to the game just in time to dodge.

He does start spawning friends and using his magic sword in the second phase, but it doesn’t really ramp up the challenge too much. Just be wary and continue smacking that jewelry.


Nitpick: I had mentioned before that I will forgive an easy boss if the design is interesting enough, but this one barely crosses that threshold. Is there a way to up the challenge on this one or was it just doomed from conception? I guess the easiest fix would be to be to increase the spawn rate. Or maybe you could add those goofy-hat skele-magicians with their skeleton balls into the mix as an extra hazard to be mindful of during the fight. Hell, does he even have a cheap-ass grab move like all the cool giants have? 

Very Speculative Lore Notes: There’s not really much to add that I haven’t covered in the entry on the Catacombs. Carthus was likely once a great empire, but it has now fallen to dust and (animated) bones; this fellow was their king. I suppose whomever finally put him down was probably responsible for containing him in the crown and attaching the bracelets as a way to contain him when summoned.


If you bump into him at a party...: Please don’t ask if he know Skeletor. “Do all skeletons look alike to you? You make me sick, you osteoist! Maybe if you would lend me your skin for a bit, you might be able to tell me apart from other skeletons, huh? No, really, I could really use your skin! It would really help me get into the club! I swear I’ll give it right back once I get in!”

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