The Title Card: This giant animate tree is an optional boss that gives you the McGuffin that lets you turn boss souls into boss loot. Think of the ents from Tolkein’s ouevre, but evil and full of egg-sacs.

Design Notes: I love this lumbering goofball; I can’t be mad at a boss whose deadliest attacks are a butt-stomp—lot of junk in that trunk—and a prat-fall.


Challenge Level: Once you’ve figured out the trick to this fight—just hit the egg-sacs—it’s pretty manageable. It’s get a little dicey in the second half, but if you’re patient and bait it into doing its prat-fall, you can make it.

Nitpick: The hit-boxes on the egg-sacs are a bit hard to figure, so you should bring a weapon with a decent reach.


Very Speculative Lore Notes: The name tells a lot of the story: it is a greatwood tree that became rotted with curses. Curses that, according to the text on the boss soul, came from the denizens of this quaint community. Is this the method to the Mound-Makers’ madness? What exactly are these curses, anyway? Some kind of dark magic or just some really strong language?

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