The Title Card: You won’t like the sermon these guys are preaching! And they have some pretty peculiar ideas about communion...

Design Notes: Who wants to play a game of Hot Potato? This does make for a pretty interesting variant on the usual mob boss. I suppose I could complain that these are essentially repurposed versions of regular enemy types (you encounter some of them earlier in the stage!), but I happen to really enjoy it when the rotund ones fall over on their back after being hit.


Challenge Level: Not that difficult. Once you figure out the (fairly obvious) signposting that shows which of the deacons you should hit, it just becomes a matter of circling the mob and finding the best angle of attack. It becomes a little more serious in the second half—they seem to be slowly casting some super-serious spell—but it was over before it became a problem.

Nitpick: I’m not sure why the game makes you come back to the boss bonfire after winning to pick up the Archdeacon Set. If you were going back to explore the area more, you might find it; otherwise, you’d just miss it.


Very Speculative Lore Notes: Everything I mentioned in the notes for the Cathedral of the Deep stands.

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